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Qurbani Donation Packages 2024

Feed The Poor And Help Those Deprived People With Qurbani Donations.

SPAR has created Qurbani Donation packages. So that the donor can easily choose their preferred one and join our Qurbani donation program.
Qurbani Donation 2024

1 Goat or Sheep for Qurbani

Your $120 is not the price of a goat or sheep this amount is an assurance for some people that they will get food for some days. 

Qurbani Donation 2024

1 Share of Qurbani

By donating this amount, you are participating in some good people who also donate to SPAR to help those people to stay alive.

Qurbani Donation 2024

7 Share of Qurbani / 1 Cow for Qurbani

With this amount of $840 you are directly providing 7 shares or 1 cow to people who are eagerly waiting for your generosity.

Qurbani Donation 2024

Qurbani Food Pack for 1 Family

An entire family can have food during this Eid Ul Adha in just $20. Your small contribution can feed a helpless family.

Qurbani Donation 2024

Qurbani Food Pack for 5 Family

$100 is not only an amount its a relief that you are giving to 5 family who need your generosity to stay alive in this world. 

Qurbani Donation 2024

Qurbani Food Pack for 10 Family

Some families are waiting for your response. By making Qurbani donation of $200 you are saving them from the pain of hunger.

Qurbani Donation 2024

Qurbani Eid Gift for Orphan (25 Person)

Orphan are in need of clothes they are waiting for help to have new clothes only once a year. This is a chance if you to allow them to wear new clothes.

Orphan Clothing (1 set)

Qurbani Eid Gift for Orphan (50 Person)

An small contribution of just $1000 will give support to 50 persons who will get new clothes during this Qurbani Eid. Join with SPAR now.

Qurbani Donation 2024

Qurbani Eid Gift for Orphan (100 Person)

An small contribution of just $2000 will give support to 100 persons who will get new clothes during this Qurbani Eid. Join with SPAR now.

About Us

SPAR - Best Muslim Charity in Bangladesh

Assalamu Alaikum Everyone,

We are deeply touched seeing the helpless people of Bangladesh, the least developed country.Still, many regions of this country lack pure water, proper sanitation, numerous orphans, shortage of food during Ramadan Kareem, humanitarian aid, proper steps for health and wellbeing, disabled people support, and many refugees who need aid too.

Seeing this situation, SPAR, or Society for Participatory Action and Reflection, has been working in the field of humanitarian services since 2009. So that we can provide helpless people with a peaceful life. We can only build a better world if all of us live happily.

Although we know it is very hard to accomplish this task, we try hard every day to do something for the suffering soul. Our teamwork becomes more effective when you join us in this humanitarian project. It becomes very hard for us alone to support those huge amounts of vulnerable people. For this reason, we welcome you to be a part of our human services. Let’s advance each day with the vision of serving humanity.

Thank you all!



Putting Smile On the Face Is Our Goal

Society for Participatory Action and Reflection [SPAR] is one of the leading non-profit organizations, fully dedicated to humanitarian aid services since 2009.

Creating a moment of happiness for the people who are suffering from poverty, illness, or any other social issues. The SPAR team and volunteers continue to work tirelessly across Bangladesh and the region.

We Are In A Mission

To Help The Helpless

Be A Part Of This Program

Orphan Sponsorship Packages

SPAR has created some orphan sponsorship packages. So that the donor can easily choose their preferred one and join our orphan charity donation program.

1 Month Orphan Sponsorship

Together, we can make a difference. Choose our 1 Month Orphan Sponsorship and become integral to their journey toward a brighter tomorrow and future


3 Month Orphan Sponsorship

Let’s Sponsor an Orphan for 3 months and make their life easier. Let’s try to remove the difficulties they are carrying by offering 3 months sponsorship.


6 Month Orphan Sponsorship

Transform lives with our 6 Month Orphan Sponsorship. Embrace the power of compassion and provide sustained support to vulnerable children.

12 Month Orphan Sponsorship

12 Month Orphan Sponsorship

Unleash your heartfelt love for children with our 12 Month Orphan Sponsorship. Your unwavering support becomes a beacon of hope with ample possibilities.


Baby Milk For Newborn Child (25 Child for 1 Month)

Babies need infant formula when they don’t get sufficient milk from mother. Please donate $125 for 25 newborn baby to get baby food. Your donation can help them to rise and shine.

Spar Regular Programs

SPAR has some generous food donation programs. Our team is serving across the country to save lives with your contribution. We are running some projects below to help humankind in Bangladesh.
D8 Orphan Food Aid Photo change (1)

Provide meals to Bangladeshi orphans who are in need. Donate to those sad, defenseless children for humanity.

Orphan Health and Wellbeing 12 Mon

Help people who are suffering from health issues in Bangladesh. Donate medical stuff and all other essentials for their well-being.


Save people who are riding their life with water and sanitation diseases. Help people by ensuring safe water for humankind.


Support physically challenged people who are deprived of leading a normal life. Donate something to save their lives.

Livelihood Support

Donate food to those in need who are battling for every grain. Help the hungry Bangladeshis in consuming food to survive.

Rice Bag 20 Kg

Zakat plays an important role in Islamic society and is seen as a way to promote social justice and equality.

SPAR - An Organization That Helps Orphans To Feel Better

Our mission is to create a place that can be called home for those children who have lost their parents at the age of going to school and playing with toys.

We want to see that every orphan child will have a place to call home until they can make their own. Besides that, access to every basic need that a person gets after their birth, like food, health care, clothes, and education.

Taking Care Of Homeless
People With Your Support

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