Benefits Of Ramadan In Islam

Benefits of Ramadan in Islam | The Month of Blessing

The benefits of Ramadan in Islam are a lot as it is a month to earn Blessings. When the month arrives, no matter which religion you are following, you can feel the change in the air with purity and joy.

Again, Ramadan is the month of positivity and benefits for all Muslims. It stays mostly 29 or 30 days (based on the moon cycle). Muslims must keep fast (Swam) from sunrise (Suhur) to sunset. Keeping fast brings a lot of benefits to the person. After 30 days of fasting, Muslims celebrate one of their religious festival Eid-Ul-Fitar.

The Significance Of Ramadan

In Islam, there are five pillars. Which are known as “Pillars Of Religion.” Those are the fundamental points to act of worship as a Muslim. The pillars are-

  • Shahada (The Assertion Of Faith): This means the declaration of those words that makes you Muslims
  • Salah (Prayer): In Islamic law, there are five prayers that a Muslim should act to connect with Allah. The prayer is named: Fajr(dawn), Dhuhr(noon), Asr(afternoon), Maghrib(evening), and Isha(night).
  • Zakat (The Process Of Sharing): It is a process where Muslims are eligible to give. They share a percentage of their wealth with people in need as per the rule of Islam.
  • Ramadan (Fasting): In the Islamic calendar, the month of Ramadan is declared a month of Blessing where all Muslims will participate in 29/30 days of prolonged fasting. 
  • Hajj (Pilgrimage): The place of Hajj is the birthplace of Islamic history. It is the purest place for Muslims. Hajj is a necessary religious duty that every Muslim should perform once in a lifetime. All Muslims who are physically ok and financially capable carry their own cost. They should visit the place once to purify their souls. 

Ramadan month is declared the holiest month among all other months in Islam. There is a reason why this is the most blessed month. This month our ‘Holly Quran’ was sent down from Heaven to the world as a guide for humankind. There is a special night named ‘The Qadr Night or Laylat al-Qadr,’ which means the night of praying to Allah.

But the day of prayer is not fixed in any place. Muslims pray this prayer on any of the odd-numbered nights during the last ten days of Ramadan. These days prayer is better than thousand years of praying. Most people celebrate this night at the twenty-ninth Ramazan. 

Also, this month has a lot of benefits for Muslims.

Is There Any Benefit Of Fasting?

A hadith says, “When Ramadan arrives, the gates of paradise are opened, and the gates of hell are locked up, and devils are put in chains.” Radman is a month of Blessing. It comes with an infinite amount of blessings and benefits. There are some significant benefits we can feel during our fasting:

Improve In Willpower

In Ramadan, Muslims have to fast for thirty days long. During the fasting time, they can’t eat any food, also can not drink a drop of water. But they have to continue all their daily work while fasting. It helps Muslims to improve their willpower and make their spirits stay pure. 

Connecting With Allah

As this is the month of Blessing, all Muslims try to be more devoted to the works of Allah. They spend their time praying to Allah, reading from the holy Quran, understanding the depth of Islam, doing charity (Zakat), and other duties of Islam.

Every night after finishing iftar (the food they took after opening the fast), Muslims gather for a special prayer named ‘Tarawih prayer,’ which helps them to feel more connected to Allah and helps them to distract from the devil’s path. 

Improve Humanity

In Ramadan, Muslims do many kinds of social work. Like Zakat, perform charity, arrange iftar for any non-profitable community, and give new clothes. Some people also provide food for people who are in need. At the end of the day, when all Muslims stand in the same place for their regular prayer, they can’t define any class difference between them. That is the beauty of Islam carry. 

Family Time And Socialization

Nowadays people used to be busier with work and other things. Some spend their whole days at work. Some spend all their time using their phone or studying. But this month, people allow themself to pause and be devoted to Allah by praying and keeping fast.

Most people gather at their dining table before the sun sets; some gossip about the day, and some read the Quran or talk about Islam’s history. Then they open their iftar together, making the family bond much more robust and making their Ramazan month memorable. 

Health Benefits

In Ramazan, thirty days of fasting helps to grow better people’s health conditions. For diabetes patients, fasting has proven an option to balance their diet and health condition. It also helps to improve blood circulation and control pressure up-down. 

Eating Habits Of Iftar

In Islamic history, the Prophet Muhammad used to open his fast with a date and water. After that, ‘date’ has been a signature fruit for Muslims. Even now, most people open their fast in the same way. Dates have a good amount of protein and natural sugar, which help people to boost their energy. It also helps to control the sugar level after a full day of fasting. 

Spiritual Benefits

Ramadan gives us a huge chance to refresh our contact with Allah (SWT). In Ramadan, the devil can act less than in the other eleven months of the year. People also follow the path of Islam along with their other daily routines. There are a lot of spiritual benefits that Ramadan brings us, which leave a significant impact on their soul.

It helps Muslims to calm their mind and help them to think clearly. As people fast, it allows them to avoid illegal work and also enables them to avoid any quarreling or fighting, which helps to purify the soul and lead to a better way of living. Reading Quran and regularly praying to Allah also bring more satisfaction in life. 

Psychological Benefits

Psychology is a difficult thing to handle. But in Ramadan, many people feel a remarkable mental relaxation that makes their life much easier. Ramadan is a month of Blessing that creates a soothing atmosphere. It helps a person to calm down and think positively. Even during Ramadan, the crime rate also decreases. People try to help each other and bring peace to society. It allows people to focus on their work. 

This month bring a lot of benefits for all human being. 


Ramadan is a month for which every Muslim waits to arrive. This is the month of Blessing and peace, and there are so many benefits of Ramadan that can not be explained in words. Every Muslim celebrates the whole month of Blessing, and the thought of ending the month is harrowing. But they wait eagerly for the next year to feel the joy of Ramadan again.

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