Collaborate with SPAR and Join Forces for Qurbani Donation

Collaborate with SPAR and Join Forces for Qurbani Donation

Qurbani, also referred to as Udhiyah, holds profound significance in Islam, symbolising sacrifice and generosity. During Eid al-Adha, adherents partake in this ritual by sacrificing animals, the meat of which is distributed among the less fortunate.

This act of charity serves to unite communities, fostering bonds of compassion and solidarity. By pooling resources and collaborating on Qurbani donations, individuals can magnify their impact, extending the reach of assistance to more individuals in need and spreading the blessings of Eid far and wide.

Understand The Meaning Of Qurbani

Qurbani, integral to Eid al-Adha, embodies spiritual devotion. Muslims worldwide engage in this ritual, symbolising obedience to Allah’s commands. Sacrificing animals like goats, sheep, cows, or camels reflects Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son, demonstrating unwavering faith.

The meat from Qurbani serves a dual purpose, nourishing families and fostering communal bonds. Sharing it with relatives, friends, and the less fortunate reinforces the values of generosity and compassion, echoing the essence of Islam.

What is the importance of collaboration for Qurbani Donation?

Collaboration means working together with others. When it comes to Qurbani donations, teamwork is super important. When different groups or people team up, they can do more good. They can reach more people who need help and make sure everyone gets their fair share of meat.

Collaboration also helps to make sure that donations are used wisely and honestly. By working together, everyone can bring their strengths to the table and make a bigger impact. So, when it’s time for Qurbani, joining forces is key to making a real difference in people’s lives.

What Are the Benefits of Joining Qurbani Donation Team?

Helping Others

When you become part of a Qurbani donation team, you’re making a difference by providing food to those who are struggling to have enough to eat. Your involvement means that more people can benefit from the generosity of others during this special time.

Whether you’re contributing financially, volunteering your time, or spreading awareness, your participation helps ensure that families in need receive the nourishment they require. Joining a Qurbani donation team is a meaningful way to show compassion and support for those facing hunger, making a positive impact on their lives and communities.

Being Kind and Generous

Qurbani is a special act of generosity where we follow the example of Prophet Ibrahim (AS), who showed immense kindness by being willing to sacrifice for the sake of Allah. His willingness to give up something dear to him teaches us the importance of selflessness and compassion towards others. When we participate in Qurbani, we not only fulfill a religious obligation but also embody the spirit of generosity and empathy.

It’s a reminder of the importance of sharing with those who are less fortunate and spreading love and kindness in our communities. Through Qurbani, we honor Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) legacy and strengthen our bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood with others.

Getting More Rewards

When you give to charity during special times like Eid al-Adha, the rewards are multiplied. Our generosity is especially meaningful at this time, and our acts of kindness have a greater impact on those in need. So, giving during Eid brings blessings and joy to both the giver and the receiver.

Helping Communities Grow

Some Qurbani programs go beyond immediate aid by empowering communities for the long term. They teach people how to raise animals for food sustainably, providing valuable skills and resources. This approach fosters self-reliance and ensures ongoing benefits beyond the initial donation.

Leaving a Good Mark

By donating to Qurbani, you’re not just offering temporary relief; you’re planting seeds of lasting change. Your generosity provides sustenance, uplifts communities, and fosters hope. Together, we can create a brighter future, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and live with dignity.

How to Collaborate With The Right Donation Team?

To collaborate effectively with the right donation team, start by identifying potential partners aligned with your cause. Engage in open communication to discuss goals, responsibilities, and timelines. Utilise technology to streamline coordination and maximise outreach. By fostering a strong partnership, you can ensure that your collaborative efforts with the donation team make a meaningful impact.

Identifying potential partners such as local mosques, community centers, and charitable organisations is crucial for establishing collaborative opportunities. By reaching out to these entities, discussions can be initiated to align goals, define responsibilities, and set timelines for a smooth collaboration process.

Utilizing technology platforms and social media can further enhance coordination efforts, raise awareness about shared initiatives, and facilitate the collection of donations, ultimately maximising the impact of collective endeavours within the community.


How much is Qurbani per person?

How many Qurbani per family? According to the Hanafi school of thought, anyone obligated to donate Qurbani in the household must donate a minimum of one Qurbani each. For example, one Qurbani is equivalent to a sheep/goat. A large animal such as a cow/buffalo/camel is enough for seven people’s Qurbani.

What is the age limit for Qurbani goat?

Animal Qurbani Meat Distribution Rules. The age of the animal should meet a minimum of: One year in age for sheep and goats (equivalent to one person’s Qurbani share) Two years in age for cows and buffalo (equivalent to seven persons’ Qurbani share)

Do children pay Qurbani?

The sacred act of Qurbani should be performed by anyone who meets the criteria for Qurbani (of sane mind, a non-traveller and one who has wealth in excess of his/her needs). According to the Hanafi Madhab, Qurbani becomes compulsory when one reaches a mature age – meaning they have reached the age of puberty.

Can I give Qurbani for my dead parents?

You can perform Qurbani for the departed by adding it to your own Qurbani giving for your family and yourself. If a dying person says in their will that someone should perform a Qurbani on their behalf, his/her children who can do it must do it. It is okay to do For departed parents, qurbani who have died.


Collaborating for Qurbani donations empowers communities to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. By joining forces, we can amplify the spirit of giving, spread joy during Eid al-Adha, and uphold the values of compassion and solidarity in our society. Let’s come together, join hands, and share the blessings of Qurbani with those who need it most.

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