Health And Wellbeing

Health And Wellbeing

Orphaned children often face challenging circumstances, but through sponsorship, they can receive the love, care, and opportunities they need to thrive.

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There is a proverb that “Health Is Wealth.” It doesn’t matter if you are poor or rich; health and well-being are important aspects of living. More than only the absence of illness is meant by the terms “health” and “well-being.” The state of well-being combines physical and mental health to represent a person’s whole view on life. Positive well-being has advantages like longer life expectancy and higher productivity. However, poor health and well-being can result in eating disorders, loneliness, and despair.

SPARBD has taken steps to take care of underprivileged people’s health and well-being through the donation.

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Be a Lifesaver: Contribute Here

With your support, we will be able to provide help to improve health and well-being.
Old age home 1

Support Elderly Person of an Old Age Home (5 Person)

Make a meaningful difference by supporting 5 elderly person at an old age home, providing them with care, companionship, and a brighter tomorrow.

Old age home 2

Support Elderly Person of an Old Age Home (10 Person)

Make a meaningful difference by supporting 10 elderly person at an old age home, providing them with care, companionship, and a brighter tomorrow.

Old age home 4

Medicine Cost for Poor Elderly Person (5 Person)

Support our mission to ease the cost of medication expenses for 5 vulnerable senior citizens for a month and ensure their well-being till the last days.

Old age home 3

Medicine Cost for Poor Elderly Person (5 Person)

Make a meaningful difference by supporting 50 elderly residents at an old age home, providing them with care, companionship, and a brighter tomorrow.

Orphan Health and Wellbeing 12 Mon

Medical Support for Poor Pregnant Women

Women need medical support throughout her pregnancy. Please donate $200 and support a poor woman during the maternity and help to birth a healthy baby.

SPAR Baby Food Resized

Baby Milk For Newborn Child (25 Child for 1 Month)

Babies need infant formula when they don’t get sufficient milk from mother. Please donate $125 for 25 newborn baby to get baby food. Your donation can help them to rise and shine.

Join The Health And Wellbeing Program And Help Poor

Make a difference in unfortunate people’s lives by joining our Health And Wellbeing Program. Help to make them healthy, take care of their well-being, and bring positivity to their life to live peacefully.


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Uplift Lives: Support Health And Well-Being Today

SPARBD is here to provide a helping hand during the most critical moment of a poor person’s life. Taking care of health and well-being is an important subject to talk about. So participate in our charitable approach to better at least one person’s life.

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What is Health And Wellbeing?

Health and Wellbeing” means feeling good and being healthy in different parts of our lives. It’s not just about not being sick but also about feeling happy and having a good life.

Sometimes, we need help to be healthy and have wellbeing. That’s where organizations like SPARBD come in. They work to make sure everyone has a chance to be healthy and happy. They might give food to people who don’t have enough, help with medical care, or provide support to feel better mentally and emotionally.

By offering food assistance, healthcare access, and mental health support, SPARBD strives to uplift individuals and communities

Why Choose SPAR BD?

There are many organizations that offer orphan sponsorship programs. Researching and selecting an organization that is a good fit for you is essential. SPAR stands for Society for Participatory Action and Reflection. In Bangladesh, SPARBD is a non-profit organization that works for people in need. SPARBD is a reputable organization that has been operating for over 15 years and has a track record of giving quality services to orphans.

We are also transparent about its finances. SPARBD publishes its financial reports annually, so you can see how your donation is being used. Also, we have a facility for online donation so that you can contribute from anywhere in the world.

We Are In A Mission

About SPAR Health And Wellbeing

A human has many shades of personality. In those, the personality of giving to others or serving people is the most outstanding example of being a human. Happiness follows when you show kindness to others.

SPARBD’s mission is to ensure equitable access to physical and mental wellness, fostering a society where all can thrive.

Taking care of other’s health and well-being is a big deal to work with, especially for those persons who are already suffering from various life issues. SPARBD has arranged this donation program to provide them a physical and mental support. So at least they have the courage to fight back and have a positive mindset to live peacefully.


Frequently Asked Question

The spirit of all religions is to serve humanity.

There are five categories: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual, which are divided as the personal health. None of these categories can be disregarded if one is to be regarded as “well.”

Physical well-being, financial well-being, professional well-being, social well-being, and community well-being are the five universal, linked factors that define our lives, according to a thorough Survey study of people in more than 150 nations.

To lead a happy life, one has to be in good health and wellness. Health and well-being must consume nutritious foods like vegetables and lean protein. Additionally, maintaining an active lifestyle contributes to leading a happy life.

We must consider our lives as a whole to promote general health and well-being. Our environment, as well as our mind, body, and spirit, are four important factors that affect our well-being.

There are many factors that makeup well-being. This includes positive feelings like joy, happiness, contentment, excitement, awe, and tranquility. It also includes having a decent physical condition and satisfying social interactions. The latter is what social well-being entails.

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Support Elderly Person of An Old Age Home (5 Person) $60, Support Elderly Person Of An Old Age Home (10 Person) $120, Medicine Cost For A Poor Elderly Person (5 Person) $50, Medicine Cost For A Poor Elderly Person (10 Person) $100, Medical Support for Poor Pregnant Women (200), Baby Milk For A New Born Child (25 Person) $125