Jummah Giving

Jummah Giving

Participate in the Jummah Giving program on Friday and help deprived people this day. Donate to feed the fasting poor people from Bangladesh.

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Join in the SPAR giving charity on jummah program and help those helpless who are in need of your generosity. Contribute to SPAR Friday giving charity and spread the true meaning of Qurbani.

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What Is Inside Jummah Giving Program

Friday or Jummah is the time when all the Muslims gather together at mosque blessings from Allah (SWT) to help and feed poor people by feeding or helping in many ways. SPAR Friday giving charity program in Bangladesh is to ensure those people who are in need of food. On Friday SPAR aims to reach rural areas of Bangladesh where we left people during Jummah due to limited resources. This is another chance for us now to support them. To make it happen, we have designed several Friday giving packages that will directly go to those needy people.

Jummah Giving

Feed an Orphan on Friday with $5

By donating this amount to Friday giving charity, you are participating with some good people who also contribute to helping those people stay alive with SPAR.

Jummah Giving

Feed Poor or Destitute on Friday with $5

With this simple $5 Friday charity donation, you are not only helping people; you are saving  Poor or Destitute people who can stay alive in this world.

Jummah Giving

Plant 5 Tree as Sadaqa Jaria at Friday with $5

With $5 Friday giving, let’s plant 5 trees with SPAR. This is Sadaqa Jariya On Friday, which can save this planet and make it a livable earth.

Jummah Giving

Be a Part to Build a Mosque with $20

$20 on jummah giving can bring a community together to create more opportunities when you join the Friday Giving charity program in Bangladesh.

Some Orphans Can Survive By Your Contribution

SPARs Jummah Giving is a meaningful way to make a positive change in the lives of the helpless. Your Friday Giving donation can bring blessings and allow them to have nutritious food and other support to survive in this world.


Orphan We Helped


Volunteers In 2024

Donate Foods To Save A Life

Contribute To SPAR: A Trusted Messenger To Send Your Generosity

The SPAR Jummah Giving program is a lifeline for many deprived people. It is a call from someone who deserves to live in this world like us. Let’s come together and create a positive impact on those unfortunate people in our society. Join the SPAR Friday giving charity program in Bangladesh to support those people who are in need. 

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What Is the SPAR Jummah Giving Program?

The SPAR Jummah Giving Program is a lifesaving initiative that is organized by SPAR. This program aims to assist the needy people of Bangladesh. Especially, during Friday weekend, when Muslims seek mercy and thawab from Allah (SWT). This Friday donation program typically involves collecting donations from customers and distributing essential food items, clothing, and other necessities to underprivileged individuals and families. It serves as a way for SPAR and its customers to give back to the community and support those who are facing hardship during this special time of the year.

Why Choose SPAR?

By choosing SPAR, you’re not just opting for a charity but partnering with a dedicated team focused on creating lasting change. We deeply understand the unique needs of each community we serve. All our initiatives are crafted alongside the individuals we strive to assist, ensuring our support is specific and impactful. Beyond immediate assistance, SPAR seeks sustainable solutions by addressing core challenges. 

Our commitment to transparency lets you see the tangible change your support brings about. Everyone at SPAR, from our on-the-ground teams to our board members, is driven by a shared purpose: genuinely making a difference. Their steadfast dedication ensures that every project we undertake is carried out with care and accuracy.

We Are In A Mission

A Donation That Will Be Benefited For You Even After Death

Allah (SWT) Says Friday is the time of kindness and giving, and that’s when Allah forgives followers and saves them from Hellfire. So, if you are kind and generous during Jumma, Allah (SWT) will be more gracious and kind. Jummah Giving not only helps those unfortunate, it also saves people and humanity.

Friday Giving during Jummah Mubarak is a way to showcase your care about social issues. It shows that people know they need to do their part to solve problems like hunger and poverty as part of a bigger society. The Jummah Giving appeal not only helps people who are starving right now but also improves the health of communities by encouraging unity, understanding, and a sense of combined duty. As Muslims, it is our responsibility to help those who are seeking to give money on Friday.


Frequently Asked Question

Jummah Giving involves acts of charity performed on Fridays. This can include giving money to the needy, providing food, supporting community projects, or any form of assistance to those in need.

Community Support: Many mosques and Islamic organizations collect donations on Fridays to fund various community services, including education, healthcare, and emergency relief.

Practices and Forms of Jummah Giving

  1. Donations to Mosques: Many Muslims contribute to the maintenance and activities of their local mosques. This helps support the mosque’s operations, including educational programs, social services, and community events.

  2. Sadaqah (Voluntary Charity): Muslims are encouraged to give Sadaqah on Fridays. This voluntary charity can be in the form of money, food, clothing, or any other type of assistance to those in need.

  3. Zakat (Obligatory Charity): Although Zakat can be given at any time of the year, many Muslims choose to distribute their Zakat on Fridays due to the increased spiritual significance.

  4. Feeding the Hungry: Providing meals to the hungry and homeless is a common practice on Jummah. This can be done individually or through community initiatives organized by mosques and charitable organizations.

  5. Supporting Orphans and Widows: Special attention is often given to supporting orphans and widows, reflecting the teachings of Islam about caring for the vulnerable members of society.

Spiritual Rewards: Giving on Jummah is believed to bring greater spiritual rewards and blessings.

Community Strengthening: Charitable acts help strengthen the bonds within the community, fostering a sense of unity and support.

Helping Those in Need: Your contributions can make a significant difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate.

Plan Your Giving: Set aside a portion of your income or resources specifically for charitable acts on Fridays.

Join Community Efforts: Participate in community initiatives organized by your local mosque or Islamic organizations. These can include food drives, fundraising events, and volunteer opportunities.

Encourage Others: Spread awareness about the importance of Jummah Giving and encourage family and friends to participate.

Online Donations: Many organizations offer online platforms where you can donate to various causes. This makes it easy to contribute even if you cannot participate in person.

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Custom Donation, Feed an Orphan on Friday with $5, Feed Poor or Destitute on Friday with $5, Plant 5 Tree as Sadaqa Jaria at Friday with $5, Be a Part to Build a Mosque with $20