Let's Make Your Qurbani Donation Count

Let’s Make Your Qurbani Donation Count: A Guide to Spreading Joy

Sacrifice is what Qurbani means. Muslims all over the world slaughter an animal, like a goat, sheep, cow, or camel, every year during the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah to reflect how the Prophet Ibrahim was ready to sacrifice his son Ismail for God’s sake. Giving out Qurbanis will try to reach more people than ever before in 2023. 

The meat from the animal is given to people who need it most after it has been killed.

Every Muslim who has the money to do so must do so. Additionally, Qurbani rules say which animals can be offered, how they should be killed, and what kind of life they had. They also say how the sacrifice should be done.

Why Is It So Important To Give A Qurbani Donation?

For Muslims, giving Qurbani is one of the most beautiful, meaningful, and rewarding parts of our faith. Every year, Muslims all over the world make sacrifice to remember and honor the huge sacrifice that our ancestor, Prophet Ibrahim, was ready to make out of love and loyalty to Allah (SWT). Allah told Prophet Ibrahim (As) in a series of dreams to kill his son Ismail (As).

For many, many years, Prophet Ibrahim (As) had longed for a child. Finally, after a lot of hard work, Allah blessed him with a beautiful son named Ismail (As). This made Ismail’s father love him even more, and the thought of giving him up was unbearable. Ismail (As), on the other hand, was firm in his faith and knew that Allah’s will is always best. He told his father to do what Allah (SWT) told him to do. Prophet Ibrahim (As) put on a blindfold before the killing so he wouldn’t have to see what he was about to do.

But quickly, Allah changed Ismail with a ram, which people think came from heaven. Ismail (As) was saved, but Prophet Ibrahim (As) had given up everything he cared about in order to serve Allah (SWT).

People tell us every year to think about this huge sacrifice and get back in touch with Allah (SWT). We give up something small to keep our promise to Allah (SWT), and in return, we get a lot of good things.

Who can take part in Qurbani?

There are set criteria and scoring methods that SPAR uses to choose who gets the Qurbani. The following things make up the score system:

There are families in that country who live on less than the bare income.

  • Homes run by women.
  • Families with crippled and/or old members.
  • Little kids younger than five.
  • The pregnant women.
  • Moms who are breastfeeding.
  • Families who never or rarely get to the market.

How Your Quarbani Donation Can Make An Impact? 

Because of this, our teams do a thorough evaluation to find the objective weighting and priority of each of the above factors. That way, we can be sure we’re reaching the most vulnerable families without any bias when we choose which ones to accept.

Why giving Quarbani can make a difference in the world.

Donating Qurbani meat can make a big difference in the lives of people who are in need, especially around festivals like Eid al-Adha, when this kind of giving is especially important. See below to learn more about Qurbani and how can it make a difference.

Helping The Hungry Eat

Donating Qurbani means giving healthy meat to people around the world who are hungry or malnourished. For many of them, meat is a rare treat that is full of nutrients they often don’t get enough of. Your gift does more than just feed them; it gives them the strength and food they need to live longer and healthier.

Taking Care Of Poverty

Sharing Qurbani meat with poor groups can help them get out of poverty temporarily by lowering their food costs. This lets families use their limited funds to pay for other important things, like healthcare and schooling. Also, giving people healthy meat helps their health get better over time, gives them hope and strength in the face of hardship, and opens the door to a better future.

Making Sure You Get Enough Food

Meat has a lot of energy and important nutrients. In places where people, especially kids and pregnant women, don’t get enough protein, your gift is very important. Giving them meat can make their health much better by making sure they get the nutrients they need for growth and health.

Building A Sense Of Togetherness

Participating in Qurbani makes ties stronger within the Muslim community, which promotes unity. Helping others can give you a deep sense of inner peace, knowing that your gift is making a difference in the lives of those who need it.

Boosting Morale

Receiving Qurbani meat gives people and families who are having a hard time hope and respect during these times. It’s more than just food; it’s a sign of how the community is there for you and that better times are coming. This helps you stay strong and hopeful when things get hard.


Why Is It Important To Give Qurbani?

For Muslims, giving Qurbani is a way to honor their duty to Allah. Additionally, Qurbani is a way to teach important ideals, such as obedience and devotion to Allah, as well as right and wrong.

What Good Does Qurbani Do For The Economy?

Kill a healthy animal, sacrifice it, and give the meat to Muslims and minorities who need it. This has a big impact on the rural economy because it brings wealth to cattle farms, small villages, and the rural economy as a whole. This, in turn, boosts the rural economy.

Can I Give The Poor All Of My Qurbani Meat?

People who need it get Qurbani meat. Food instability, poverty, and not being able to get healthy meals are some of the reasons why families get it. Sharing the meat three ways: eating one third, giving one third as a gift, and giving the third as charity.

Does Qurbani Accept Female Goats?

What kinds of animals are killed at Qurbani? It is customary to kill goats, sheep, cattle (cows or bulls), horses, or camels at Qurban. The rules of Qurbani say that they can be men or women, but they must be healthy, not have any disabilities, and over a certain age.


Finally, giving Qurbani meat is a very kind and religious thing to do. It remembers the death of Prophet Ibrahim and helps communities by feeding them, reducing poverty, and building unity. Donors who follow Islamic beliefs and give meat to people in need not only meet their religious duties, but they also help vulnerable people and families have a better future.

Qurbani is more than just giving money to people in need. It represents the values of devotion, empathy, and community support, which make people’s lives better and improve the bonds between people. 

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