Livelihood Support

Livelihood Support

SPAR, or Society for Participatory Action and Reflection, is working relentlessly to serve the suffering soul of Bangladesh. We have been in action since 2009. The orphan campaign by SPAR has had a massive impact on orphans. There are 4.8 million orphans in this least-developed country. Many are in the street because they have no guardians to look after them.

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Creating Opportunities: Donate To Livelihood Support

Livelihood support helps to generate a positive impact on the people live who are suffering from poverty and allows them to make it possible to meet their daily needs on their own. SPARBD’s “Livelihood Support” initiative is all about helping people stand on their own feet. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to earn a living with dignity. 

Your donation can make a big difference by providing training, resources, and opportunities for individuals and families to support themselves. Join us in empowering lives and building stronger communities by being a part of this good deed.

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Darkness To Hope: Livelihood Support

Join our empowerment program of Livelihood Support to poor people and give them a way to live with dignity.
Auto Rickshaw 1

Manual Rickshaw (1 Piece)

Donate a Manual Rickshaw to boost someone’s livelihood and make them able to earn their daily bread.

sweing machine for widow e1694857071793

Sewing Machine To a Widows

Empower five widows with a sewing machine, providing them a pathway to financial independence.

Goat Farm 1 2

Dairy Farm (2 Cattle)

This donation will support a family with a sustainable income line by opening a Dairy Farm with 2 Cattle.

Join Livelihood Support And Sponsor A Family

Become a vital part of SPARBD’s mission to transform lives and uplift communities through sustainable livelihoods. When you join our Livelihood Support team, you’re not just donating; you’re becoming a part of change.


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Mission is Give for People

Donate To Bring Hope And Happiness To Unfortunate People

We are here to create a source of help for underprivileged people who have lost their jobs or suffering from poverty. Be the reason to provide positive energy and happiness with SPARBD.

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People Reviews About Livelihood Support

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What is Livelihood Support?

A variety of projects and programs collectively referred to as Livelihood Support aim to assist people and communities in enhancing their means of subsisting and reaching financial stability. These programs often focus on providing skills training, resources, and opportunities that empower people to generate income and become self-sufficient.

Livelihood support can take various forms, such as training, microloans for small businesses, job placement services, agricultural development, and access to essential resources like clean water and healthcare. SPARBD’s goal is to enhance the economic well-being of individuals and communities, particularly those facing poverty or economic challenges.

Why Choose SPARBD

Orphan sponsorship is a form of fundraising program in which a sponsor is matched with a specific orphan kid. In exchange for agreeing to support the beneficiary financially, the sponsor receives information on their development, generally in the form of images and translated letters, which helps foster a sense of a close bond with the orphan child.

Sponsor An Orphan can be rewarding work for the sponsor and the child in need. It is a means to improve the life of a child who has lost both of their parents, and it can also provide the sponsor with a sense of fulfilment and purpose.

We Are In A Mission

About SPAR Livelihood Support

A human has many shades of personality. In those, the personality of giving to others or serving people is the most outstanding example of being a human.

SPAR Livelihood Support is a dedicated initiative by SPAR, aimed at empowering individuals and communities to improve their economic well-being and build sustainable livelihoods. Through livelihood support, organizations like SPARBD aim to break the cycle of poverty, improve living standards, and foster sustainable development. This support not only helps individuals meet their basic needs but also enables them to invest in education, healthcare, and other essential aspects of a better quality of life.


Frequently Asked Question

Serving Humanity is the Spirit of All Religions

Therefore, protecting the resources that are vital to people’s livelihoods and promoting their priorities and tactics are two primary goals of livelihood support in emergencies. Humanity, which is the fundamental tenet of humanitarian action, involves the necessity of preserving means of living.

For 25 to 30 percent of the labor force, agriculture, which includes the four subsectors of crops, cattle, poultry, and fisheries, is the main source of income. About 10% of the gross domestic product comes from it.

A livelihood action plan (LAP) outlines the steps that will be taken to guarantee that economically displaced people’s capability, output levels, and standards of living are enhanced or at least restored and that displaced persons are fairly paid.

In order to maintain household nutritional levels and preserve lives, a group of relief-based treatments known as “livelihood provisioning” entails providing food and attending to other basic requirements. Interventions of this nature typically involve providing emergency or chronically vulnerable individuals with food and health relief.

By giving low-income households access to chances for profitable self-employment and skilled wage work, as well as by strengthening the institutions at the local level serving the poor, poverty will be reduced.

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Poultry Firm (100 Chicken) – 100, Poultry Firm (250 Chicken) – 250, Poultry Firm (500 Chicken) – 500, Goat Firm (2 goat) – 100, Goat Firm (5 goat) – 250, Goat Firm (10 goat)- 500, Manual Rickshaw (1 Piece) – 250, Manual Rickshaw (5 Piece) – 1250, Manual Rickshaw (10 Piece)- 2500, Sewing Machine To a Widow (1 Piece) – 150, Sewing Machine To 5 Widow (5 Piece) – 750, Sewing Machine To 10 Widow (10 Piece) – 1500, Tea Stall (1 Person) – 500, Tea Stall (5 Person) – 2500, Tea Stall (10 Person) – 5000, Grocery Shop (1 Person) – 500, Grocery Shop (5 Person) – 2500, Grocery Shop (10 Person) – 5000, Dairy Firm (2 Cattle) – 500, Dairy Firm (5 Cattle) – 1250, Dairy Firm (10 Cattle)- 2500, Auto Rickshaw (1 Piece) – 1500, Auto Rickshaw (5 Piece) – 7500, Auto Rickshaw (10 Piece)- 15000