The Power Of Zakat: Transforming Orphaned Lives Through Charity

The Power Of Zakat: Transforming Orphaned Lives Through Charity

As we know Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam, it is more than just a religious duty. Zakat is a powerful solution by which we can change society by helping those in need.

There are many categories of people in Bangladesh gets benefit from zakat donations but among them, orphan children can benefit mostly in fact, they are very much deserving. This blog will explore how The power of Zakat can change orphan children’s lives.

What is Zakat Mean?

Zakat is farz a religious duty for every wealthy Muslim. It requires Muslims to give a portion of their wealth usually 2.5% of their savings to those in need. This act of giving is not just about charity, it’s about social justice and equality. When you donate some of you wealth, you are assisting people to reduce poverty and suffering. 


How An Orphan Children Passes Their Lives in Bangladesh?

According to a recent survey, there are more than 4.8 orphans are there in Bangladesh. And it’s not a word you can’t imagine how they are living. According to SPAR volunteers, they said its impossible to describe how much needy they are.

On an orphan donation campaign, one volunteer reported and requested SPAR to get more resources while they were on the campaign because it’s unbearable to come back and leave someone without giving anything.

In fact, some of our teammates have bought biscuits and chips packets from their own pockets to make them happy instantly with something. Orphaned children face unimaginable hardships. They lose not only their parents they lose their every source of love, support, and security.

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Without a family, these children face poverty, malnutrition, lack of education, and exploitation. Many orphans live in dire conditions, struggling to meet their basic needs.

What Changes The Power Of Zakat Can Bring For Orphans?

Zakat is a blessing for Allah (SWT) for all who give or receive. Those people who give zakat they get a chance to purify their wealth and those who get this can get relief from their hard faith. However, for orphan, its a jariyah to stay alive in this world see below to know what impact it can bring with the power of zakat.

It Can Make Sure The Basic Needs

The first and most immediate needs for orphans like food, clothing, and shelter. Zakat donations support them with these essentials. Your zakat sadaqah ensures that no orphans will sleep hungry or homeless. SPAR is a team that try to make sure their basic needs are met and can focus on other important aspects of their lives, such as education and emotional healing.

Give them The Opportunity to Education

Education is the most powerful arms to break the cycle of poverty. With the power of zakat fund you contribute to pay their school fees, uniforms, books, and other educational supplies they need. Zakat is not only secures their education it also ensures to build a person who can support other orphans like you does.


As, Allah (SWT) blessed you with so many things so why dont you give just a little bit to those deprived children? This is not only opportunity Its a support that might save their lives and build a better future for themselves. 

Ensure they get Proper Healthcare and Well-being Support

We know that they don’t get enough food which they need so it is natural that they might fall sick due to a lack of vitamins and minerals. Orphaned children often suffer from health issues due to poor living conditions and lack of medical care. Zakat can allow them to access healthcare services, including vaccinations, medical check-ups, and treatments for illnesses. Healthy children are better equipped to thrive and grow into healthy adults.

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Psychological Support

Losing parents is a traumatic experience for any child. Orphans need that emotional and psychological support to cope with their loss and rebuild their lives. Zakat can fund counselling services, support groups, and other programs that can help children deal with their grief and develop resilience.

Creating Safe And Secure Environments

Zakat can create a safe and nurturing environment for orphaned children. This includes building or supporting orphanages and foster care systems where children are cared for by dedicated and loving caregivers. Safe environments can help children to feel secure and valued, which is essential for their overall development.

How To Support Orphans With The Power Of Zakat

There are many ways you can do this. Firstly you can do this on your own to orphanages. But there is a problem if you do that how many orphans you will support maybe you are thinking of saying I will support one child with my Zakat amount. But what about those other children who are there as well Don’t they deserve to get something from you?

Now this might be confusing for you on how can you do this with a limited amount. So the answer is you can donate to some organisation that collects Zakat donations from generous people like you. And those donations together can make a huge impact on a group. SPAR is one of the best charity organisation who works day and night to solve the problems of Orphans.

Why Should You Donate To SPAR?

SPAR has been helping people in Bangladesh since 2009. They helped a lot of people including men, women, child with many programs. As a Muslim charity organisation in Bangladesh, they help with many they send your generosity to the right persons. However, When it comes to trust we believe in working transparency and that is why we instantly let the donors know where we have used that money. 

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Are Orphans Eligible For Zakat?

Yes, that’s correct. For this reason, orphans usually live in poverty and can’t get simple things, which means they meet the first two requirements for Zakat. Infact, donate to orphans is one of the best way to give Zakat.

Why Zakat Is Important For Muslims?

First of all, Zakat is a process of giving money to people who deserve it, like the poor or needy, cleaning up wealth and working for social justice. When Muslims give Zakat, they show support for their fellow Muslims and help end poverty at the same time.

How can you help orphan kids?

The community or child guardian is required by Islam to keep an orphan’s money safe and use it wisely for their benefit. They should also save it and give it to the orphan when they are old enough. In addition, Allah says to return orphan’s wealth when  they attain maturity.

Is Zakat is a form of charity?

Zakat is an Islamic financial term. As one of the pillars of the faith, it requires all Muslims to donate a portion of their wealth to charity. Muslims must meet a certain threshold before they can qualify for zakat. The amount is 2.5% or 1/40 of an individual’s total savings and wealth.

Last Words

The power of zakat, is a fundamental pillar of Islam, and it impacts orphaned children in Bangladesh by providing essential needs, education, healthcare, and psychological support.

Through organizations like SPAR, zakat donations can transform their lives, offering hope and a brighter future. This powerful act of charity not only alleviates suffering but also fosters social justice and equality.

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