Ramadan 2024 Calendar Singapore
Ramadan Calendar

Ramadan 2024 Calendar in Singapore

A lot of events in Islam are essential in their way. But in Islam, Ramadan is one of the most significant times of the year. During Ramadan, Allah (SWT) shows kindness, forgives sins, and gives blessings. This is the best time for Muslims to show their generosity by helping poor people by.

Muslims in Singapore plan for the event in a unique way every year. They wait eagerly for the moon to come out so they can know for sure when Ramadan starts in Singapore and plan their activities accordingly. This year’s first day of Ramadan in Singapore will probably be Sunday, March 10, 2024. See below to get a full Ramadan calendar.

Singapore Ramadan Calendar 2024

If you are spending the holy month of Ramadan in Singapore and want to know the accurate Ramadan Roza timings, you have reached the right place. With the Sehri and Iftar timings Of Singapore, you can prepare for Ramadan in 2024. Let’s take a look now.

Singapore Ramadan Calendar – Sehri & Iftar Time March / April 2024

111 Mar 202406.01 AM01.15 PM04.24 PM07.18 PM08.48 PM
212 Mar 202406.01 AM01.15 PM04.23 PM07.18 PM08.48 PM
313 Mar 202406.01 AM01.15 PM04.22 PM07.18 PM08.48 PM
414 Mar 202406.01 AM01.14 PM04.21 PM07.18 PM08.48 PM
515 Mar 202406.00 AM01.14 PM04.20 PM07.17 PM08.47 PM
616 Mar 202406.00 AM01.14 PM04.20 PM07.17 PM08.47 PM
717 Mar 202406.00 AM01.14 PM04.19 PM07.17 PM08.47 PM
818 Mar 202405.59 AM01.13 PM04.18 PM07.17 PM08.47 PM
919 Mar 202405.59 AM01.13 PM04.17 PM07.16 PM08.46 PM
1020 Mar 202405.59 AM01.13 PM04.16 PM07.16 PM08.46 PM
1121 Mar 202405.58 AM01.12 PM04.15 PM07.16 PM08.46 PM
1222 Mar 202405.58 AM01.12 PM04.14 PM07.15 PM08.45 PM
1323 Mar 202405.58 AM01.12 PM04.13 PM07.15 PM08.45 PM
1424 Mar 202405.57 AM01.12 PM04.12 PM07.15 PM08.45 PM
1525 Mar 202405.57 AM01.11 PM04.12 PM07.15 PM08.45 PM
1626 Mar 202405.57 AM01.11 PM04.13 PM07.14 PM08.44 PM
1727 Mar 202405.56 AM01.11 PM04.13 PM07.14 PM08.44 PM
1828 Mar 202405.56 AM01.10 PM04.14 PM07.14 PM08.44 PM
1929 Mar 202405.56 AM01.10 PM04.14 PM07.14 PM08.44 PM
2030 Mar 202405.55 AM01.10 PM04.15 PM07.13 PM08.43 PM
2131 Mar 202405.55 AM01.09 PM04.15 PM07.13 PM08.43 PM
2201 Apr 202405.54 AM01.09 PM04.15 PM07.13 PM08.43 PM
2302 Apr 202405.54 AM01.09 PM04.16 PM07.13 PM08.43 PM
2403 Apr 202405.54 AM01.09 PM04.16 PM07.12 PM08.42 PM
2504 Apr 202405.53 AM01.08 PM04.16 PM07.12 PM08.42 PM
2605 Apr 202405.53 AM01.08 PM04.17 PM07.12 PM08.42 PM
2706 Apr 202405.53 AM01.08 PM04.17 PM07.12 PM08.42 PM
2807 Apr 202405.52 AM01.07 PM04.17 PM07.11 PM08.41 PM
2908 Apr 202405.52 AM01.07 PM04.18 PM07.11 PM08.41 PM
3009 Apr 202405.51 AM01.07 PM04.18 PM07.11 PM08.41 PM

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What Does Ramadan Mean Spiritually?

For Muslims, the holy month of Ramadan is a time to think, be kind to others, and be strict with themselves. During the whole month, praying in ways like regular prayers and Zikr-e-Elahi become habits. People who don’t usually pray five times a day start doing so in mosques to show how much they care about their faith. Because Taraweeh prays at night, a lot of people go to mosques. Here are some ways that Ramadan changes our lives.

You can learn to be patient during Ramadan 

Having more “patience” and “self-control” in our daily lives is a spiritual meaning of Ramadan. The word sabr, which means “patience,” is used more than seventy times in the Qur’an. It is used to command patience more than sixteen times. Giving up food, drink, and other body desires between sunrise and sunset can help you learn self-control and tolerance.

Fasting teaches us to be patient and less reactive, which is extremely important in Islam because “Allah loves the patient” (Quran 3:146). 

Ramadan is a Time to Purify Souls 

We sometimes get so caught up in worldly things that we forget what’s right and wrong. Sin is when you hurt yourself by forcing your soul to do something that goes against what God wants you to do. But if we know how important Ramadan is, we will spend more time purifying our souls through prayer, avoiding conflicts with others, improving relationships, eating well, giving donations, and keeping up with material things.

A Time to Learn Personal Discipline 

Thanking Allah for giving us another Ramadan is one of the things we do. Being kind to everyone, keeping calm when we’re outraged, and trying to tell the truth all day are all things that show how we feel. In turn, this shows how much we value Ramadan’s importance, making us more moral and honest. It makes us stronger and less impulsive, improves our self-control, and makes us care more about people who are having a hard time because of money problems. 

A more critical spiritual benefit of fasting is that it lessens the body’s control over the mind and spirit. Being in charge of our physical desires lets us focus on our spiritual side and builds our character and morals at the same time.  

A Time to Think About Yourself 

For the sake of Allah, Ramadan is the best time to learn how to control our inner and outer wants. It is a great time to think about our lives and learn more about Islam to make them more disciplined and balanced. 

Self-reflection is a form of prayer because it helps us become better Muslims and help others without expecting anything in return. 

Final Words From Us

The Ramadan 2024 Calendar in Singapore is not only for mentioning the Ramadan timetable, but it also shows how spiritually important the holy month is. During Ramadan, Muslims in Singapore do more than just fast. They also work on virtues like patience, self-discipline, and compassion, strengthening their relationship with Allah through prayer, charity, and self-reflection. Believers can use this calendar to help them get through Ramadan’s physical and spiritual parts. It brings the community together and strengthens their devotion.

In 2024, When Is Ramadan?

When Ramadan comes around, Muslims fast every day from sunrise until sunset for the whole month. From Sunday, March 10, 2024, at night until Tuesday, April 9, 2024, Ramadan will be over this year.

How is Ramadan calculated?

A committee in Saudi Arabia that looks at the moon decides when the fast starts and ends. The committee has to find the new crescent moon, which can be hard because it’s very faint and can only be seen for 20 minutes. The event starts the next day.

Why Is Ramadan Important In Islam?

During Ramadan, people think about their faith, try to improve themselves, and show their love for Allah. In the Islamic calendar, this month is considered the holiest because it is thought that the first verses of the Quran were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad during this month.

What are the sins of Ramadan?

Even though it’s Ramadan, the most significant sins won’t change… What are the worst sins in Islam? Shirk is when people make partners with Allah. Killing a person without a good reason, which is against what Allah says is right.

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