Ramadan Iftar Donation

Ramadan Iftar Donation

Join the Spar iftar donation program and help deprive people of hunger. Choose the best organization and engage with humankind activities.

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Ramadan Iftar Donation: A Call From a Muslim To Another Muslim

The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said, ‘Whoever feeds a person breaking his fast will earn the same reward as him, without anything being lessened from the reward of the fasting person.’ (Sunan al-Tirmidhi 807). It is the month of blessings, a month with many opportunities to get forgiveness for our sins. Your small contribution to feeding a fasting person can cause your mercy in Akhira from Allah (SWT).

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SPAR Iftar Donation Categories For Orphan And Needy Peoples

To help those helpless people we have categorized plenty of products that will ensure and cover orphans, Masjid, or community iftar donation.
OI 25 2 scaled

Orphan Iftar & Dinner For 25 Persons

Give $65 to ensure Ramadan iftar donation to those orphans.

MSB01387 1 1

Orphan Iftar & Dinner For 50 Persons

Donate Iftar Meal To 50 Persons In This Ramadan With $125

FSS5306 1

Orphan Iftar & Dinner For 100 Persons

Spread your kindness to 100 orphans with a $250 iftar donation

MI 25 1

Masjid Iftar and Dinner For 25 Persons

Contribute $65 To Mashjid and ensure Iftar gifts for 25 persons

Ramadan Donation

Masjid Iftar and Dinner For 50 Persons

Ensure iftar and dinner for 50 persons with a small iftar donation of $125

MI 100

Masjid Iftar and Dinner For 100 Persons

Donate $125 and send your generous contribution to 100 persons

CI 25 1

Community Iftar And Dinner for 25 Persons

Give iftar and dinner donations to 25 community people with $65

CI 50 1

Community Iftar And Dinner for 50 Persons

With an iftar donation of $125 ensure 50 persons iftar and dinner 

CI 100 1 1

Community Iftar And Dinner for 100 Persons

Ensure 100 persons dinner and iftar from community with $125

FI 25

Family Iftar and Dinner For 15 Day for 1 Family

Your $45 can feed a family 15 days during Ramadan month

FI 100

Family Iftar and Dinner For 1 Month for 1 Family

1 month dinner and iftar donation for an entire family for $90

FI 50

Family Iftar and Dinner For 1 Month for 5 Families

A small contribution of $450 can support 5 families for whole ramadan month

With Your Support Someone Can Perform Fasting

Donating to SPAR’s Ramadan Iftar Donation program is a meaningful way to make a positive change in the lives of those who are most helpless during the Ramadan months. Your donated foods bring happiness, comfort, and hope to those who need them most.


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Donate IFTAR To Save A Life

Contribute to SPAR: The Best Charity to Donate Ramadan Iftar

Your donation to SPAR’ Ramadan Iftar Donation program is a lifeline for many. Together, we can donate foods to create a positive impact and help to lessen the suffering that the Ramadan season can bring. Join us in extending warmth and support to those who are in need.

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Reviews From Our Valuable Contributors

Here are some reviews that are given by our top contributors

About SPAR Ramadan Iftar Donation!

Making a donation for Ramadan Iftar Donation through SPAR is the best charity to donate iftars. In the Ramadan season, many individuals and families struggle to feed Iftar. Your donation of foods provides a lifeline to those who are in need and ensuring their well-being.

By contributing, you play a vital role in preserving human dignity. Your generosity sends a message of care and compassion to those less fortunate, reminding them that they are not alone in their struggles.

SPAR’s “Ramadan Iftar Donation” program empowers you to make a meaningful impact of humanity. 

Why Choose SPAR BD?

By choosing SPAR, you’re not just opting for a charity but partnering with a dedicated team focused on creating lasting change. We deeply understand the unique needs of each community we serve. All our initiatives are crafted alongside the individuals we strive to assist, ensuring our support is specific and impactful. Beyond immediate assistance, SPAR seeks sustainable solutions by addressing core challenges. 

Our commitment to transparency lets you see the tangible change your support brings about. Everyone at SPAR, from our on-the-ground teams to our board members, is driven by a shared purpose: genuinely making a difference. Their steadfast dedication ensures that every project we undertake is carried out with care and accuracy.

We Are In A Mission

Impact Of Ramadan Iftar Donation

During Ramadan, iftar charity is very important for strengthening communities as it fights hunger, brings people together, and teaches them kindness.

Giving healthy meals to people who are less fortunate not only solves the problem of immediate food insecurity, but also improves overall health and well-being, gives people more power, and opens the door to educational opportunities. Your contribution and our volunteers work together to make Ramadan Iftar donations possible.

These donations help build strong communities where everyone can do well, creating bonds of support and solidarity which go beyond cultural and socioeconomic differences.


Frequently Asked Question

This Ramadan is full of rewards, and any good deed we do will bring us many more. All year long, acts of charity are seen as beautiful, highly rewarded, and important. Prophet Muhammad (saw), who was very kind and spoke out for those who were less fortunate, strongly encouraged these actions.

Rules say they can only eat and drink before and after Sehri and Iftar, which are the times when the sun rises and sets. 3. The meal eaten before dawn is called “Suhur,” and the meal eaten after sunset is called “Iftar.” Dates are eaten to break the fast.

It is said in Tafseer Maarif ul Quran that the Quran says, “During Ramadan, eat and drink until the white thread of dawn appears to you separate from its black thread.” As a result, Muslims only have to fast when the days and nights are producing food. Other than that, they don’t have to fast.

The meal is eaten right after the call to prayer for Maghrib, which is around dusk. In honor of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, who broke his fast this way, three dates are traditionally eaten to break the fast. However, this is not required.

When someone fasts, they usually don’t eat, drink, or have sexual relations from before dawn until the sun goes down. Muslims have to fast each of the 29 to 30 days of Ramadan. If you can’t fast, you can get by with charity or fasting days outside of Ramadan.

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Custom Donation, Orphan Iftar & Dinner For 25 Persons, Orphan Iftar & Dinner For 50 Persons, Orphan Iftar & Dinner For 100 Persons, Masjid Iftar and Dinner For 25 Persons, Masjid Iftar and Dinner For 50 Persons, Masjid Iftar and Dinner For 100 Persons, Community Iftar And Dinner for 25 Persons, Community Iftar And Dinner for 50 Persons, Community Iftar And Dinner for 100 Persons, Family Iftar and Dinner For 15 Day for 1 Family, Family Iftar and Dinner For 1 Month for 1 Family, Family Iftar and Dinner For 1 Month for 5 Families