Sponsor an Orphan through our charity

Empower Hope: Sponsor an Orphan through our charity this Ramadan

For Muslims worldwide, Ramadan is deeply significant both culturally and spiritually. This month commemorates the revelation of the Quran to the prophet Muhammad. Muslims practise greater prayer, Quranic recitation, and charitable deeds in addition to fasting. It’s a time to strengthen ties to family and community, engage in spiritual reflection, and ask for forgiveness.

In Islam, donating to charity is a good deed and a very fulfilling one. In Islam, a genuine act of kindness and charity is considered Sunnah, a virtue that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) greatly cherished and highly advocated. In addition to providing food, education, and the essential tools to start a business and get back on their feet, you can help an orphan during Ramadan by supporting them.

Why Donate to Orphanages?

For children who have lost their parents or have no family support system, orphanages provide safe havens, providing them with food, clothing, and education. Yet more money is required for many of these important institutions. Contributions are essential in closing this gap.

This page highlights the importance of supporting orphanages, provides information on how to donate, and lists several worthy groups. Donors may guarantee that underprivileged children receive basic necessities, an education, psychological support, and the opportunity for a better future.

All efforts, whether they be in the form of financial donations, vital products, or volunteer work, contribute to improving the lives of these at-risk kids.

Why Should You Sponsor An Orphan In Ramadan?

Sponsoring a child now allows that child to support himself and their community later on. At Muslim Aid, much of our work is dedicated to creating an international education sponsorship scheme that will benefit thousands of children worldwide.

The next generation will determine our fate. Their means of subsistence are vital to both our collective survival and our ability to stand out as contemporary humans.

Raising children and giving them access to quality healthcare and education helps battle sickness, fight poverty, provide a more conducive environment for learning and living, and provide future generations with the means to develop into self-sufficient, growing, and improving people.

What Are The Benefits Of Sponsoring An Orphan In This Life?

One of the strongest warnings in the Quran is for believers to adopt orphans and raise them as members of their own families. This exhortation is also strongly encouraged in the Prophet’s peace be upon him, intercession. (Refer to Islamic Orphan Sponsorship). However, the benefits of sponsoring an orphan do not end in death.

They start providing instant and long-lasting benefits to the believing sponsor here on Earth. These are the top six rewards Allah (SWT) gives upon the orphan sponsor during their lifetime.

  • It Ennobles Your House Among Muslims
  • It Blesses Your Wealth
  • It protects its giver from the trials and temptations of wealth and miserliness and elicits Allah’s forgiveness.
  • It Softens Your Heart
  • It helps place one among the righteous in the sight of God
  • It will continue to stream good deeds into your divine scales after you die

How To Sponsor An Orphan In Ramadan

Financial Support

Spend some time thinking about giving money to groups that help children. During Ramadan, many charities run programs to help orphaned children get food, clothes, school supplies, and medical care.

Sponsoring an Orphan

Some groups have programs where you can support an orphan by giving them money every month to cover their basic needs. This help can make a big difference in the life of an orphan.

Food Aid

During Ramadan, make sure that children can get healthy meals for Iftar and suhoor. You can give food as a gift or give money to charity-run programs that distribute food.

Clothing and Gifts

For children, buy them new clothes or gifts during Ramadan to make them feel special. This act of kindness can make them happy and make them feel recognized and appreciated.

Educational Support

Donating school supplies and textbooks or paying for their schooling can help orphans get the education they need. To break the cycle of poverty and give children the tools they need to build better lives, they need to go to school

Spiritual Guidance

Orphans can get spiritual support and a mentor by taking part in Ramadan events like prayers, reading the Quran, and iftar gatherings. Your advice can help them grow in their religion and feel like they belong in the community.

Emotional Support

Spend time with kids who have lost their parents and listen to their stories. Love, care for, and support them. Giving them mental support can make a huge difference in their lives, mainly during the holy month of Ramadan.

Raise Awareness

Help orphaned children in your neighbourhood get what they need and deserve. Make people aware of their problems and push them to help them by doing good things. 


For Muslims all throughout the world, Ramadan is a season of increased spirituality and compassion. In addition to fulfilling Islamic precepts, sponsoring an orphan during this holy month is a tangible act of charity and giving. People can make a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable children by contributing to orphanages and groups that care for them.

This will give them access to necessities, an education, and hope for a better future. Sponsoring an orphan also confers many benefits in this life, such as elevating one’s home, blessing money, and softening one’s heart, in addition to blessings in the Hereafter. Accepting the giving spirit during Ramadan guarantees great benefits and satisfies a core tenet of Islam.

Who Is An Orphan, According To Islam?

In Islam, orphans are defined as children who have lost their fathers and lack adequate protection. Often, these children have no financial support or guardian to look after them. It’s the responsibility of the Muslim community to support these orphans, even if their mothers are still alive.

Are Orphans In Need Of Giving During Ramadan?

Giving alms is a fundamental aspect of Ramadan and a duty for all capable Muslims. The donations we get help people in need live better lives. Giving during Ramadan guarantees that you will benefit most while supporting your siblings.

What Is The Importance Of Helping Orphans?

Assisting orphan children benefits the entire planet and global society. They develop into responsible, healthy individuals who give back to their community rather than stealing from it, instead of hurting themselves or others as they get older. Good deeds are done for future generations.

What Charity Is Giving For Ramadan 2024?

In 2024, Ramadan is predicted to start on March 10 and end on April 9, contingent upon the moon’s visibility. Please consider contributing to Sightsavers’ Ramadan appeal when deciding how to help during Ramadan and where to send your zakat, sadaqah jariyah, or sadaqah.

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