Orphan Sponsorship

Orphan Sponsorship

Orphaned children often face challenging circumstances, but through sponsorship, they can receive the love, care, and opportunities they need to thrive.

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Understanding The Impact Of Orphan Sponsorship

A child who has lost both of his parents is considered an orphan in Islam. An orphan is referred to as a yateem in Arabic. Orphans are among the most vulnerable members of society. Taking care of orphans can help us understand the principles of Islam that have been established thoroughly. The ultimate goal of orphan sponsorship is to give orphaned kids a stable, loving environment where they can grow and succeed despite the difficulties of losing their parents.

The Prophet, on him be peace, said: ‘I and the one who sponsors an orphan shall be in Paradise like these two’ — and he raised his index finger and the one next to it, holding them together, barely separate” (Bukhari, No. 5304)

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One Child, One Future: Your Chance to Make a Difference

Your support helps ensure these children access education, healthcare, and a chance for a better future.
1 Month Orphan Sponsorship

1 Month Orphan Sponsorship

Together, we can make a difference. Choose our 1 Month Orphan Sponsorship and become integral to their journey toward a brighter tomorrow and future

3 Months Orphan Sponsorships 1

3 Month Orphan Sponsorship

Let’s Sponsor an Orphan for 3 months and make their life easier. Let’s try to remove the difficulties they are carrying by offering 3 months sponsorship.

6 Month Orphan Sponsorship

6 Month Orphan Sponsorship

Transform lives with our 6 Month Orphan Sponsorship. Embrace the power of compassion and provide sustained support to vulnerable children.

12 Month Orphan Sponsorship

12 Month Orphan Sponsorship

Unleash your heartfelt love for children with our 12 Month Orphan Sponsorship. Your unwavering support becomes a beacon of hope with ample possibilities.

With Your Support, Every Sponsored Child Succeed

Your partnership ensures every sponsored child receives essential support, including nutritious meals, proper education, healthcare, and a safe environment. When you join hands with us, you make a meaningful impact on the lives of these young ones.


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Bringing Hope To Orphans: Our Vision For A Brighter Tomorrow

We aim to ensure every orphan child has a happy life by giving them a safe home, good food, a chance to attend school, and hope to see these kids grow up strong and successful. SPARBD is here to make it happen.

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What is Orphan Sponsorship?

Orphan sponsorship is a caring program provided by SPARBD, which helps children who have lost their parents. When you sponsor an orphan, you offer them financial support for essential needs like food, education, and healthcare. SPARBD ensures that your contributions reach the child, allowing them a brighter future.

Participating in orphan sponsorship makes a big difference in a child’s life. Your kindness provides them with opportunities they might not have had otherwise. It’s a wonderful way to give back to the community and positively impact a child’s life, offering them hope, love, and a chance to grow despite their challenging circumstances.

Why Choose SPAR BD?

There are many organizations that offer orphan sponsorship programs. Researching and selecting an organization that is a good fit for you is essential. SPAR stands for Society for Participatory Action and Reflection. In Bangladesh, SPARBD is a non-profit organization that works for people in need. SPARBD is a reputable organization that has been operating for over 15 years and has a track record of giving quality services to orphans.

We are also transparent about its finances. SPARBD publishes its financial reports annually, so you can see how your donation is being used. Also, we have a facility for online donation so that you can contribute from anywhere in the world.

We Are In A Mission

Orphan Sponsorship Program

At SPAR, we believe in making a real change in the lives of orphaned children worldwide. Our goal is simple but powerful to provide these vulnerable children with the love, care, and opportunities they deserve. By becoming a sponsor, you can be a ray of hope in their lives, ensuring they have access to education, healthcare, and a brighter future. Together, let’s write a new chapter of love and support, one child at a time. Join us in the beautiful journey of Orphan Sponsorship with SPAR, where every sponsorship is a step towards a brighter tomorrow.

SPAR has created Orphan Care Center on various Madrasa and Lillah Boarding as partner home. Although family is the ideal solution to the orphan crisis, we understand that it’s not an immediate option for most children. That’s why we believe our place in the ever-evolving landscape of orphan care is to support orphanages and children’s homes.


Frequently Asked Question

The spirit of all religions is to serve humanity.

This is known as orphan sponsorship, when someone takes care of an orphaned youngster who doesn’t have a stable family. It entails providing them with food, education, and a secure residence.

When you sponsor an orphan, you typically donate money to a charity caring for them. This money aids in buying the child the necessities for a better life.

While some organizations let you pick the child you want to sponsor, others give you a child to sponsor. Before choosing, you can frequently learn more about the child’s upbringing and surroundings.

The price varies depending on the child’s needs and where they live. It might be as little as a few dollars per day or as much as a monthly or yearly donation. The company you intend to sponsor through can provide you with this information.

Your support can significantly improve the life of an orphan. It can give them access to healthcare, education, and a chance for a better future. In addition to making them feel loved and cared for, your support is invaluable.

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Orphan Sponsorship $Any, 1 Month Orphan Sponsorship $60, 3 Month Orphan Sponsorship $180, 6 Month Orphan Sponsorship $355, 12 Month Orphan Sponsorship $710