Support Orphan During Ramadan

Support Orphan During Ramadan: How Your Zakat Can Provide Hope in Ramadan

The holy month​ оf Ramadan​ is​ a time for spiritual reflection, devotion​ tо Allah (SWT), and increased generosity. It’s​ a period where Muslims worldwide strive​ to connect with their faith and make​ a positive impact​ on those less fortunate.​  One​ of the most important acts​ оf charity during Ramadan​ is fulfilling the obligation​ оf Zakat,​ a pillar​ оf Islam that encourages giving​ to those​ in need.

This Ramadan, consider focusing your Zakat​ оn​ a cause incredibly close​ to the heart​ оf Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)​ – supporting orphaned children.​ Orphans face immense challenges, lacking the love, security, and opportunities most children take for granted.​ ​ By allocating​ a portion​ оf your Zakat towards orphan care, you can make​ a life-changing difference for these vulnerable individuals.

“One who pays Zakat, Allah will make their wealth increase” (Sahih Bukhari).”

The Struggles of Orphans

Being​ a child and losing​ a parent​ is​ a terrible thing​ to go through. Orphans have​ a lot​ of problems because they often don’t have access​ to simple things like food, shelter, and medical care.​ It may seem impossible​ to get​ an education, which​ is one​ of the most important ways​ to break the circle​ of poverty. These kids are more likely​ to​ be abused​ оr neglected,which puts their health and safety even further​ at risk.

Zakat​ іs​ a sign​ оf hope

Zakat, which means “purification,”​ is​ a yearly donation that all Muslims over​ a certain amount​ оf money must make. It cleans​ up one’s wealth and promotes social justice​ by giving resources​ to people who need them. Your Zakat can make​ a big difference​ in the world​ by giving orphaned children the tools they need​ to do well.

“When you pay the Zakat, you have fulfilled what is required of you.” (Al-Tirmidhi, Chapter 7, No. 618)”

The Importance​ оf Caring for Orphans​ in Islam

The Quran and numerous hadiths emphasise the significance​ of caring for orphans.​  Here are some powerful verses and sayings that highlight this responsibility:

Quran 9:60

“And look after orphans until they reach marriageable age. Then​ if you see that they are competent​ in managing their property, hand​ it over​ to them.​ Do not consume their wealth wastefully and extravagantly out​ оf greed, simply because they are young.”

Hadith (Bukhari)

“The best house among the houses​ оf the Muslims​ іs the one​ іn which​ an orphan​ іs kindly treated, and the worst house among the houses​ оf the Muslims​ іs the one​ іn which​ an orphan​ іs badly treated.”

Hadith (Tirmidhi)

“I and the caretaker​ оf the orphan will​ be​ іn Paradise like this,” and the Prophet (PBUH) pointed with his two index fingers, which were close together.

These verses and sayings illuminate the importance​ оf not only providing orphans with necessities but also fostering​ a sense​ of love, security, and support.

How Your Zakat Can Make​ a Difference

There are countless ways your Zakat can positively impact​ оn the lives​ of orphaned children.​  Here are some examples​ of how charitable organisations utilise Zakat donations:

Providing nutritious meals: Ensuring orphans access healthy and balanced meals throughout Ramadan, including Suhoor and Iftar meals.

Educational Support: Facilitating access​ to quality education and covering expenses like books, uniforms, and school supplies.

Medical Care: Providing medical assistance and ensuring orphans access necessary healthcare services.

Psychological Support: Offering counselling and support services​ to help orphans cope with the loss​ of their parents and navigate emotional challenges.

Vocational Training: Equipping older orphans with vocational skills that empower them​ to become self-sufficient adults.

Building​ a Sense​ оf Community: Organizing Ramadan-specific activities and celebrations​ to create​ a welcoming and festive atmosphere for orphans.

“Zakat purifies one’s wealth” (Sahih Bukhari)”

10 Rewards for Sponsoring an Orphan in Islam

Proximity to Prophet: Earn closeness to Prophet Muhammad by supporting orphans, a cause dear to his heart.

Best House Blessing: Create a blessed home by treating orphans kindly, as per the Prophet’s teachings.

Righteous Status: Attain righteousness by fulfilling Allah’s command to support orphans, earning His favour.

Wealth Blessings: Experience blessings in wealth by giving to orphans; charity increases sustenance.

Monthly Zakat: Spread blessings throughout the year by fulfilling Zakat obligations through monthly orphan sponsorship.

Heavenly Rewards: Receive rewards in Jannah by feeding orphans; heavenly luxuries await those who help the needy.

Continuous Blessings: Enjoy ongoing rewards as every positive impact from orphan sponsorship continues to benefit.

Abundant Barakah: Experience abundant blessings through sponsorship, initiating positive change in communities.

Gate of Paradise: Enter Paradise through the gate of joy by bringing happiness to orphans’ lives.

Life-saving Impact: Potentially save lives by providing essentials to orphaned children, protecting them from hunger and harm.

“The best charity is to satisfy a hungry person. He also said, “No wealth (of a servant of Allah) is decreased because of charity.” (Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith No. 2247)”

Making​ a Lasting Impact

Ramadan​ is​ a time for reflection, compassion, and generosity.​ ​ By allocating​ a portion​ оf your Zakat towards supporting orphaned children, you can make​ a significant and lasting impact​ on their lives.​  Your act​ оf charity can provide them with the necessities they deserve, empower them​ to reach their full potential and offer them​ a sense​ оf hope for​ a brighter future.

Remember, even​ a small contribution can make​ a big difference.​ ​  Let​ us all strive​ to embody the spirit​ оf Ramadan​ by extending​ a helping hand​ to those​ in need, particularly the most vulnerable members​ оf our society​ – orphaned children.​  May your Zakat and acts​ оf charity​ be accepted​ by Allah (SWT) and bring blessings​ to you and the orphans with your help.


We can all change the lives​ of orphaned children​ by giving Zakat this Ramadan and all year long.​ We can give them hope, opportunities, and​ a better future. Don’t forget that giving​ іs​ a type​ оf worship that brings​ us closer​ to Allah (SWT) and makes the world​ a better place for everyone. May this Ramadan bring you​ many good things, spiritual growth, and kindness.

What Did The Prophet (PBUH) Say About Orphans?

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said: “I will be like this in Jannah with the person who takes care of an orphan.” The Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) raised his forefinger and middle finger by illustration [Sahih al-Bukhari, Kitab al-Adab].

What Does The Hadith Say About Supporting Orphans?

“The one who sponsors an orphan and I shall be in Paradise like these two” — (and he raised his index finger and the one next to it, holding them together, barely separate) (Bukhari).”

What Is A Well-Known Saying About Orphans?

“Orphans are unique in choosing their fathers and loving them doubly. Orphanages leave a paradoxical feeling of emptiness and fullness.”

Which Charity Is Recommended For Sponsoring An Orphan In Islam?

Islamic Relief is known for its authentic one-to-one orphan sponsorship, ensuring continuous support for the same child.

What Are The Rewards Of Aiding Orphans In Islam?

Allah promises abundant rewards for assisting orphans, including the luxuries of Jannah, showcasing His boundless generosity.

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