Water And Sanitation

Water And Sanitation

SPAR, or Society for Participatory Action and Reflection, is working relentlessly to serve the suffering soul of Bangladesh. We have been in action since 2009. The orphan campaign by SPAR has had a massive impact on orphans. There are 4.8 million orphans in this least-developed country. Many are in the street because they have no guardians to look after them.

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Ensuring Clean Water And Sanitation For Poor

By assisting the underprivileged with obtaining clean water and good sanitation, SPAR BD has a significant impact. Imagine living in a society where everyone has easy access to clean toilets and safe drinking water. SPAR BD aims to achieve this objective. They build wells and water pumps in areas where people struggle to find clean water.

These pumps deliver clean, disease-free water that keeps households healthy. To provide good cleanliness, SPAR BD also provides sewage systems and toilets. This enhances general health and disease prevention.

With the help of SPAR BD, you can provide those in need with the gift of clean water and sanitary facilities, improving their quality of life and safety. Together, we can we can make a positive change.

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Clean Water And Sanitation: Lifeline For The Poor

Clean water and sanitation serve as a lifeline for impoverished populations, transforming lives by mitigating disease, enhancing hygiene, and bolstering economic opportunities.
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Basic Water Well

Donating $250 to Bangladesh Water Well helps provide clean water, improving lives. Your contribution makes a real difference.

SPAR Submersible Resized

Submersible Water Pump

Donating $500 for a submersible water pump helps provide clean water. Your contribution ensures access to safe water for people in need.

SPAR Deep Tubewell

Deep Tubewell

Your generous donation of $2500 supports the construction of a Deep Tubewell, ensuring accessibility to clean and pure drinking water.

Partnering with SPARBD to
Provide Clean Water

By contributing to SPARBD, you may help individuals in need of clean water and sanitation. Many people will live longer and have better futures because of your help. Be a part of this positive change today.


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Mission is Give for People

Empowering the Poor with Clean Water And Sanitation

Join us in making a difference today. Donate to SPARBD and help provide clean water and sanitation to those in need. Your contribution can transform lives. Act now for a brighter, healthier future.

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People Reviews About Donating Clean Water And Sanitation

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Donating Clean Water And Sanitation

Clean Water and Sanitation donations help provide clean and harmless drinking water and proper sanitation facilities to people in need. This means giving communities access to clean and disease-free water sources, building toilets, and educating them about hygiene practices. Donations support the construction of wells, water purification systems, and toilets in areas where these resources are scarce.

By contributing, you’re improving impoverished individuals’ and communities’ health and well-being, reducing the risk of waterborne diseases, and enhancing their overall quality of life. Your generosity ensures everyone has the basic human right to clean water and sanitation facilities regardless of economic status.

Why Choose SPAR BD?

There are many organizations that offer orphan sponsorship programs. Researching and selecting an organization that is a good fit for you is essential. SPAR stands for Society for Participatory Action and Reflection. In Bangladesh, SPARBD is a non-profit organization that works for people in need. SPARBD is a reputable organization that has been operating for over 15 years and has a track record of giving quality services to orphans.

We are also transparent about its finances. SPARBD publishes its financial reports annually, so you can see how your donation is being used. Also, we have a facility for online donation so that you can contribute from anywhere in the world.

We Are In A Mission

Water and Sanitization Impact

SPAR’s goal is to influence the world positively, and one way we accomplish this is through our donation program for clean water and sanitation. Everyone should have clean water and adequate sanitary facilities as a fundamental human right. By constructing sanitization facilities and giving access to safe water sources, we help underprivileged people through our donations.

We collaborate closely with some local volunteers to ensure that these crucial supplies get to the people who need them the most. Together, we have the power to impact many people’s lives significantly. Join us in our effort to make the world cleaner and healthier.


Frequently Asked Question

The spirit of all religions is to serve humanity.

Donations for clean water and sanitary facilities aid in giving those in need access to needs. A healthy environment is ensured by clean water and good sanitation. Your contribution has enough potential to save lives and enhance community well-being.

Thanks to your support, you can build water wells, install water filters, and construct latrines in underserved areas. For those without access to clean water and sanitary facilities, these activities produce long-lasting health, education, and general quality of life improvements.

You can reduce your donation from your taxes if you donate to one of the many recognized charities that work on clean water and sanitation initiatives. Keep track of your donations for tax purposes, and check with the charity you intend to donate to.

Several organizations accept water filters, hygiene kits, or other sanitation-related supplies donations. However, monetary contributions are frequently more adaptable and enable organizations to distribute resources where they are most needed efficiently.

Conduct thorough research on philanthropic organizations. Choose those with a proven track record, openness, and minimal overhead. Check websites and read reviews to ensure your money goes to the individuals who need it most. Reputable organizations will detail their initiatives and how your donation will be used.

Additional information

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Basic Water Well $250.00, Submersible Water Pump $500.00, Deep Tubewell $2500.00, Pure Drinking Water for The People Living at Very Remote Hill Tracks (100 Liter) $20.00