Zakat Al Fitr

Zakat Al Fitr

Participate in one of the five fundamentals of Islam, Zakat Al Fitr. Help people through your generosity in this Significant month of Ramadan.

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Zakat Al Fitr: A Call To Share With SPAR In This Ramadan

Zakat is fard for every wealthy Muslim. In this Ramadan, SPAR is taking responsibility to reach those deprived people who need your contributions the most. Participate in zakat donations, take blessings, and ask mercy from Allah (SWT) in this holy month.

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What Is Inside The Zakat Al Fitr Pack

Before the Eid ul Fitr prayer, every self-supporting Muslim adult who has food in excess of his needs must pay Zakat ul Fitr. Donate online.
Zakat Al Fitr

Zakat ul Fitr (Fitrana) for one person

zakat product 2

Zakat ul Fitr (Fitrana) for two people

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Zakat ul Fitr (Fitrana) for three people

SPAR Zakat Donation Programs

In this Zakat al fitr 2024, SPAR will help some deprived people, like orphans, poor men and women. Your small online zakat donation will put smiles on thousands of people.


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Donate Foods To Save A Life

Contribute to SPAR: The Best Charity to Donate Zakat Al Fitr

Your donation to SPAR’s Zakat Al Fitr donation program is a lifeline for many. Together, we can to create a positive impact and help to lessen the suffering that the Ramadan season can bring. Join us in extending warmth and support to those who are in need.

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About SPAR Zakat Al Fitr Donation!

Making a donation for Zakat Al Fitr donation through SPAR is the best charity to donate foods. In the Ramadan season, many individuals and families struggle to feed Iftar. Your donation of Zakat Al Fitr provides a lifeline to those who are in need and ensuring their well-being.

By contributing, you play a vital role in preserving human dignity. Your generosity sends a message of care and compassion to those less fortunate, reminding them that they are not alone in their struggles.

SPAR’s “Zakat Al Fitr Donation” program empowers you to make a meaningful impact of humanity. 

Why Choose SPAR BD?

By choosing SPAR, you’re not just opting for a charity but partnering with a dedicated team focused on creating lasting change. We deeply understand the unique needs of each community we serve. All our initiatives are crafted alongside the individuals we strive to assist, ensuring our support is specific and impactful. Beyond immediate assistance, SPAR seeks sustainable solutions by addressing core challenges. 

Our commitment to transparency lets you see the tangible change your support brings about. Everyone at SPAR, from our on-the-ground teams to our board members, is driven by a shared purpose: genuinely making a difference. Their steadfast dedication ensures that every project we undertake is carried out with care and accuracy.

Why Zakat Is Important?

Zakat ul Fitr is an essential part of Islam and has many meanings. It is important because it helps everyone the person who receives it, the person who gives it. Zakat brings people together by encouraging a sense of shared responsibility and community. Giving Zakat has an effect on society, but it also helps Muslims grow spiritually by teaching them to be kind and generous. 

The Removal Of Sins

Sadaqatul fitr or zakat doesn’t directly forgive sins, but it does show selflessness and separation from material things, which are good traits that help clean one’s soul. It shows how vital kindness, generosity, and responsibility to others are in following Islamic principles.

Religious Significance

Muslims who meet specific criteria about their assets and status must give zakat. By doing it, you can purify your wealth, remember that everything you own belongs to Allah (SWT), and develop a sense of social justice and compassion.

Wealth Purification

It’s about giving a small part of your money (2.5%) to those who are poor or facing difficulties. This helps keep wealth balanced and teaches us to be caring and share with others. 

Social Justice

Social justice means treating everyone in society fairly and equally, no matter where they come from or who they are. Zakat makes sure that everyone has the same rights, opportunities, and resources.

Poverty Alleviation

Zakat is an essential part of fighting against poverty. It is a way for Muslims to give some of their money to help people who are in need. This practice aims to redistribute resources by giving money to deprived people like the poor, orphans, and widows. 

Spiritual Growth

Zakat is more than just a transaction of money. It is a spiritual act. It helps people develop traits like kindness, compassion, and understanding. Giving helps people grow as people and strengthens their faith.

Blessings and Rewards

In Islam, it is stated that Allah rewards acts of kindness, such as Zakat ul fitr. Muslims believe that through their duty to give Zakat. It improves society and provides spiritual rewards and blessings.

How Can Your Small Zakat Donation Make A Difference?

In many ways, even a small Zakat donation can make a big difference. It is one of the Five Pillars of Islam is zakat, which is a way to help people in need and promote social justice. SPAR Zakat donation program can make a difference in the following ways:

Collective Impact

When your Zakat is added to those needy people, it forms a bigger pool of resources. When donations come together, they can meet the needs of more people in the community.

Basic Needs

Zakat donations can help people who need food, shelter, clothes, and medical care, among other things. These contributions help people get their basic rights met and improve their health.

Opportunities For Education

SPAR will utilize your Zakat amount to fund educational projects, scholarships, or programs that teach people how to do their jobs. which will have an impact on their lives and the lives of future generations.

Livelihood Support

Your Zakat donations will be used to fund microfinance projects or small businesses. This helps people to get ahead financially and helps the economy grow in their community.

Healthcare Services

Your Zakat donation will be beneficial to healthcare industries as well, as well as clinics and initiatives for those people who can’t pay for their care. This is good for the health and well-being of the community.

Emergency Relief

Zakat funds are used to help right away during emergencies like wars, natural disasters, or pandemics. Your small zakat donation to SPAR can help with relief efforts and rebuilding communities that have been affected.

Social Welfare Programs 

Zakat is meant to deal with the bigger idea of social justice. With your donation, you can help to work against poverty, promote equality, and improve society’s well-being.

Giving Small Donations To Zakat

Small donations will be used to help vulnerable groups like orphans, widows, and the elderly live more dignified lives by giving them the tools they need.

Spiritual Growth

Giving Zakat is more than just a financial matter; it’s also a spiritual duty. Giving even a small amount of money helps you feel more empathy, compassion, and responsibility for people who are in need

We Are In A Mission


Allah (SWT) Says Ramadan is a month of kindness and giving, and that’s when Allah forgives followers and saves them from Hellfire. So, if you are kind and generous during Ramadan, Allah will be more gracious and kind in Akhirah. Feed the fasting is more beneficial for the givers than it is for those who receive it. Zakat Al Fitr donations are greatly valued as they help feed people who are deprived and hungry. 

Ramadan is about more than only pleading with Allah (SWT) for mercy and forgiveness. It aims to realize the pain of starving.  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Whoever gives food for a fasting person to break his fast, he will have a reward like theirs, without that detracting from their reward in the slightest.” (Sunan Ibn Majah 1746). 

Zakat Al Fitr in Ramadan is a way to showcase your care about social issues. It shows that people know they need to do their part to solve problems like hunger and poverty as part of a bigger society. Zakat Al Fitr appeal not only helps people who are starving right now, but it also improves the health of communities by encouraging unity, understanding, and a sense of combined duty. As Muslims, it is our responsibility to help those who need it the most. 


Frequently Asked Question

Giving some of your money to charity is an important part of the Muslim faith; everyone is expected to do it. Before Muslims can get zakat, they have to meet specific requirements. In this case, it’s 2.5% or 1/40 of a person’s savings and wealth. During the lunar year, you can pay zakat at any time.

You can’t give zakat on anything that you haven’t bought to sell again, except for gold and silver. You don’t have to pay Zakat for things personal to you, like a house or a car.

Nisab is the least amount of net capital a Muslim must have in order to be able to pay Zakat. It is established that 87.48 grams of gold and 612.36 grams of silver are sufficient.

Every family member must have at least one sa’, or four double handfuls, of food, grain, or dried fruit. Ibn ‘Umar said that the Prophet made Zakat al-Fitr mandatory and could be paid for with a sa’ of dried dates or a sa’ of barley. This is what the math says.

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